Why do we hear so much about eating a diet High in Protein?  Is it HYPE or is there TRUTH to this notion?

Protein is an essential nutrient in the diet.  Proteins are needed to build connective tissue, cell membranes and muscle cells.  Proteins are made up of various sequences of about 20 different amino acids.  Eight of these amino acids are essential and must come from the diet.

It should be noted that not all proteins are the same and care should be taken to not only make sure that adequate protein is consumed but that the protein is high quality. The best dietary sources of low fat and high quality protein come from lean chicken, fish and lean red meat.

Exercise has a profound effect on muscle growth, which can occur only if muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown; there must be a positive muscle protein balance.  Resistance exercise improves muscle protein balance, but, in the absence of food intake, the balance remains negative which leads to muscle breakdown.

Athletes who participate in high intensity exercise or resistance training are required to consume larger amounts of protein daily than your average person to aid muscle recovery and repair. Sports nutritionists recommend that athletes consume 4-6 meals per day and snack in between to meet requirements. This allows you to maximize the benefits of your diet to ensure you are fueling your body for its next workout and giving it every chance it needs to ensure its fully recovered.

With on average 55 grams protein per serving in our Standard meals, Muscle Meals 2 Go allows you to monitor your daily protein intake and concentrate on your days’ work or training instead of worrying about your food prep.

All our meals are weighed and measured to ensure that we deliver a consistent standard of meals to you, first time and every time. Plus we have gone that extra bit to make sure all our meals are delicious when reheated and never a chore to eat.


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