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There are numerous benefits that are scientifically proven on the ketogenic diet. On keto, it's a general rule of thumb to stay under 30g net carbs a day. We recommend for weight loss to stay at or below 20g net carbs a day. The end goal of a ketogenic diet is to be in a metabolic state known as ketosis.
  • Calories are still important when following a ketogenic diet. If in a caloric surplus, you will gain weight no matter what the style of eating is. For the best results, follow our meal plan listed in the example to hit your daily macros.
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Chef’s Choice:

Meal 1: Sesame-ginger Bistro Filet, cauliflower rice and broccoli
Meal 2: Philly cheese-steak smothered in mozzarella, onions/peppers
Meal 3: Atlantic salmon, green beans, lemon garlic sauce
Meal 4: Chicken breast with Thai peanut sauce and broccoli

Signature Meals:

Meal 5: Tender bistro filet in Chipotle seasoning, grilled peppers and onions. Served with cauliflower rice
Meal 6: All-Natural turkey burgers with feta, spinach and broccoli
Meal 7:  Buffalo shredded chicken breast and cheese blend
Meal 8: Napoli beef meatballs & zucchini noodles
Meal 9: Fajita seasoned chicken breast, Mexican cauliflower rice, onions & peppers

*The menus are subject to possible change or variation to use seasonal veggies and promote sustainable practices.




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