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I’m a 30 year old fitness professional that used to strictly count his macros to the point of obsession. While eating like a rabbit resulted in max level gains, it was unsustainable and sucked the joy out of life. Toiling away in the kitchen during every single off day, finally took its mental toll and I knew I needed to make a change. I began to search for an affordable and reasonable way to continue getting the nutrition I needed on a daily basis, without the hassle and stress of an obsessive borderline eating disorder. Enter ‘Muscle Meals 2 Go’.

I found Muscle Meals a little over a year ago and have been using them ever since. I started on their ‘Train’ program to somewhat maintain the bodyshape I had created for myself. I eventually wanted to focus more on strength training, so I opted to try the ‘Gain’ package next (which I currently use). I couldn’t be happier with the taste of the meals (they always used the healthiest ingredients in their all-natural home-cooked meals) and it’s never a boring experience when I heat up a new one. With several options available for a variety of needs (heavy lifters, cardio enthusiasts, average Joe’s, vegans, vegetarians, etc.) there’s a meal plan for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a change in the way YOU do food, I couldn’t recommend these guys higher. With an on-point customer service team (that has always answered within an hour to any and all of my inquiries) you can’t go wrong. Whether your goal is make a healthy change towards your macros, or leave the macro game behind – these are your guys. Make Muscle Meals your go 2 fitness aficionados!

J.R. Adams

Great product! Really makes my daily intake decisions easy and healthy! Great price! Owners are personal and Honest people! Will recommend to everyone

Robb Cole

I have been buying meals from this company for several years now and have always received impeccable service from them. Over the years they have added a significant number of meals to their offerings, all of which are of great quality and taste fantastic! If you are looking for a solution to eat clean, and simply don’t have time to prepare meals for the week, this is it!

Tom Moore

You guys are amazing, I’ve lost 25lbs and got my abs back while eating Muscle Meals! Thank you!

Adis M.

Wowzers!!!! Fantastic. So happy with my meals. A dream come true

Kelly McKnight

YOU have to try them, you will love them! OK I just had my very First Muscle Meals 2 Go lunch. Really people it was amazing… The right amount of everything! I had the Chicken Peanut Satay with Brown Rice and Edamame, I just keep saying OMG it was so good! I really can’t wait to try the rest… lunch is ready in about 2 minutes.

Patricia Dorr

Lost 22 lbs in 30 days! I want to give a big shout out to MuscleMeals2Go! So far, one month in, I’ve drop 22.5lbs without starving myself! Diet is 80% and MuscleMeals2go has made a big impact on my results and I plan to keep on using it.

Victor Obe Manny
- Muscle Meals Client

Great if your busy and don’t have time for a healthy meal! Tried a few of their items at a meeting last night and they were great! For those times that you busy people don’t have time for a healthy meal…these would be great!!

Celia Martin
- Muscle Meals Client

These are very good meals! Definitely give them a try!

Cathy Schackow Patterson
- Muscle Meals Client

Great fresh tasting meals! Great fresh tasting meals. So convenient and easy to keep track of nutrients and calories especially if dieting.

Richard Kinard
- Muscle Meals Client

Time saver and consistent, flavorful product! Just want to say thank you for such a consistent, flavorful product that makes my health training a breeze! Week after week, I appreciate the ease with which I can maintain my fitness goals through balanced nutrition. I use two standard meals a day to supplement my own meal preparation, which allows me to maintain the proper amount of calories to achieve my goals, whether I am home or traveling. Thanks again.

Greg Capitano
- Muscle Meals Client

Muscle Meals 2 Go is amazing! The food is delicious and the variety of meal combinations really allow me to not get burned out eating the same thing every week. I’ve been using the service for a little over a year and have noticed amazing results in my personal fitness goals. I just recently started eating their breakfast meals as well and have been very pleased. If you’re looking for a convenient, delicious, and most importantly a healthy meal option for your specific fitness goals then look no further!

Jonathan Whalen
- Muscle Meals Client

Best tasting meals! So it’s been two days so far with your meals. I have to say this is the best tasting meals and extremely healthy that I have ever eaten. I will definitely order more. Love them so much.

John Mont-Louis
- Muscle Meals Client

Had my first 2 Muscles Meals today. Wow, finally food that is fast to prepare and healthy enough for me to eat! I had a heart attack 11 days ago and had to change my eating habits to less than 1500mg of sodium per day, less fat, calories and carbs, but more protein. These meals are a life line for me. While I learn where to eat and how to eat, I have your meals. I was very surprised that they tasted so good. Even my wife liked them and she’s a picky eater. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I’m a very happy customer. Thank you!

Dean Johnson
- Muscle Meals Client

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