Do You Need a Cheat Meal?

How to Determine IF you Qualify and 5 Tips for Success

Cheat meals seems to be a very popular subject. I often hear people talk about how much they ate and or they don’t do a cheat meal. So, I wanted to give our customers a few guidelines that will help them to better understand HOW and IF they should use a cheat meal in their program. Here are two questions to ask yourself before you throw down on a Big Mac!

 1. How closely have you been following your meal plan?

If you want to see results week after week you need to be at least 90% or better on your plan. If not, are you really following a plan? Because guessing isn’t going to get you the results you are looking for.

2. Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

It’s fairly easy to determine this, and you should be able to truthfully say fast or slow based on your food intake and activity level from day to day. If you have a slow metabolism, you will want to stick to one cheat meal a week and if you have a fast metabolism you could benefit having 2 cheat meals a week.

Ok, now that we have determined if we should have a cheat meal, let’s set a couple guidelines….

1.  HOW?  It’s called a cheat meal, not a cheat day. If possible, save your cheat meal until later in the day so it doesn’t turn into an all-out binge and before you know it you’ve eaten two days’ worth of food. Keep it structured but enjoyable. Another useful time to eat a cheat meal would be after a hard training session.

2.  WHEN?  Plan your training and cheat meals to fall on a large muscle group day like legs or back, if possible. This will help your body to better use the excess calories as fuel.

3.  WHAT?  Start with proteins first whenever possible. Starting with protein will help you from over eating the simple carbs and fats we all love so much. A great example would be to start with a big burger or steak, then move onto fries and dessert.

4.  WHY?  Don’t cheat the cheat meal! When you have been good all week sometimes you just feel like you’re going to throw all that hard work right out the window. Well, DON’T! A cheat meal under these guidelines will actually benefit your body and boost your metabolism all while keeping you sane. It mental helps you stay on track when you know you will get a reward after being so good all week.

5.  WHERE?  Make your cheat meal enjoyable and in a social setting. There are a few benefits with this, you can enjoy a so called “regular meal” with your family and friends guilt free. Other than a buffet style restaurant, it will keep you from just snacking and binging throughout the day, as you may be tempted to do at home. So, get out of the house, make memories and ENJOY!

I hope these few tips helped you answer the question if you should or shouldn’t have that cheat meal on your plan!

By: Shadd Daugherty /

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